Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am amazed at how using Facebook keeps me from "needing" to blog. That's not a good thing. I do this blog for me, and I like knowing I have a chronicle of our life. The things I put on FB disappear, so there's no record of life there.... I'm going to have to do better about blogging.

Hmmmm, almost four months since I blogged.

We got a new kitten. After many tries, the name Mokey finally stuck. It's how David used to say monkey (and sometimes still does), and this kitty definitely reminds us of a monkey with his antics. He has been a perfect addtion to the household. He and Pinx play together like two kittens in spite of the size difference, and Pinx has really gotten more affectionate with us human family members too. They both let the boys lie on them and squeeze them and pick them up. It's been great!

Benjamin made all A's again spring semester. He loves going to school! He's changed his major to English Education. I see him teaching college one day. In the meantime, we're not sure yet where he'll finish school He'll complete he AA next spring, but right now CC is not offering the English degree. They are thinking about it, so we are praying that that will come to pass in the next year.
We are so blessed that Garry and Joey work with Benjamin on his work schedule so he is able to work around his classes and therefore go to school full-time.

I'm in a learning phase of a different kind right now while God teaches me my place in this world. It's an odd one sometimes since most of my "peers" have older children, and some of them even have grandchildren. God is helping me to figure it all out though. Another blog for another time I guess.

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