Saturday, December 6, 2008

I can't believe it's been almost two months since I blogged. Where do the days go?

The ladies in our church went to see Joyce Meyer and Darlene Zschech in Tampa in October. It was a life-changing conference dealing with "The Mouth."  There will be more on that once I get the CD's and can listen to it again. 

We took David to the circus the week before Thanksgiving. He was in awe. We sat ring-side, and the elephants were so close that it was a little scary. His souvenir was a plastic horn that he "plays" every time there's music on.

We spent four days at Seaside with Kym, Jim, and Amy Kathryn, and it was glorious! Jim rented bikes and David and I rode a couple of times. He didn't want his picture taken (too early and too cold),  but he  did love riding the bike. Benjamin and I walked through the town and just enjoyed being away. 

David is growing so tall! He's 36 inches and 29 pounds. He outgrows his jeans about as fast as I can get them. He is also talking more and more all the time. Some days he repeats everything we say. It's so cute, and so amazing to hear him.  He has also learned how to climb out of his crib! It's been so nice having him still in a crib because once he wakes up, I can get up and kind of get my day started before I get him out of bed. The routine has been that once I hear that one or both boys are awake, I get up and fix their breakfast, then go get them out of the bed. I'm afraid those days are over. I haven't seen him climb out yet, so I don't know how he's doing it, and I know it's no simple feat, but the boy loves a challenge!  His new favorite movie is Mary Poppins. He's curled up in the recliner watching it right now with three blankets, one under him, one for a pillow, and one on top of him. He's a snuggle bug. He also met Frosty the Snowman this week, and asks to watch that each night. I don't know why he doesn't ask in the daytime, but I guess maybe he associates it with the whole family, Dad included, being here to watch.

Sam is trying to talk too. He astounds us with some of the sounds he repeats already. Benjamin was an early talker, and I guess Sam could be too. We'll see. He has learned to climb and loves to climb up in a little blue chair that we have. He just chatters away and grins so big when he gets up there.   He still doesn't have those to top front teeth, but they're getting closer all the time. He is loving table food and growing like crazy. He's 22 pounds now. His hair is growing too, and it sure makes some funny pictures sometimes. 

We did put the boys in the same room a few weeks ago, and it's working out pretty well. They like it anyway. :)
 We love this season and are so thankful for its reason, Jesus. We have decided to have a quiet Christmas celebration at home the weekend before Christmas and then travel to Tuscaloosa to be with Kym and her family for Christmas day.  Joy, Earl, and Toby will be home the weekend after Christmas, so we'll have celebration number three when they get here. God just continues to bless us.