Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Termites and Rubbing Alcohol

A friend of ours told us a story the other day about my brother, who I have mentioned before.

Garry and Vince were building a porch for Allan, and as they went through the lumber stacked in the yard, they discovered that it had termites in it. Vince went inside and came back out with a bottle of rubbing alcohol and poured it into the furrow made by the termites. When Garry asked him if that would kill the bugs, Vince commented that he didn't know, but it would sure make every scratch they had sting like crazy.

He was always clowning.

Summer Fun

It's been a great summer. We've gone to Janice's pool every week with Khrystal, Marci, and all the kids. Smiley Boy likes to stay on the steps and play; being where his feet don't touch makes him nervous, even if I'm holding him. We're going to the beach next week, though, and the pool where we're staying has a great shallow place for him to play. I can't wait. Baby brother, however, will float around the pool all day if we let him--that is, until he gets hungry or sleepy. He loves his float though!

Our trip next week should be interesting. Two of my sisters, my mom, and I will be staying together in the same town where my other two sisters live. While we're there, we will be getting together with my dad's brother's family.

Dad had five girls and a boy, and his brother had five boys and a girl. Of Uncle Bert's family, there are only three boys left; my aunt and my cousin Angela both went to heaven this last year. I didn't get to go to Aunt Dot's funeral because we had a baby that day. Anyway, all of the cousins and my mom will be gathering next Saturday. It should be a fun time.

I am really looking forward to getting away with the boys, and Drason will join us later in the week.