Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sam I Am

Our little punkin turned a year old a couple of weeks ago. He was so cute in his little red high tops, but this is the best picture we got of them.

Friends of ours let us have his birthday party at their house. They love our boys, and they love to open their home, so it was a natural thing to have the party there. I didn't think about the fact that if you need to have big birthday (i.e. first birthday) parties in the winter, you need more inside space than we have, so Ron and Amy's house was perfect. And Ron and Amy are so great! Their home exudes love and welcome for everyone who comes in, and it made the party a great success.

Curly Mommy made the most delicious birthday cake, and it was so cute. Everyone was very impressed with her talent. I, of course, ate cake for the next week at home and had to work hard to get rid of the extra pounds--well worth every bite though. Yum yum!

Because of crazy schedules, we didn't actually get to do the smash cake until the following Wednesday, but Sam didn't mind waiting, and he had a blast digging in to that cake. It was yummy too. :)
I'm just so grateful for friends. 

Sam is very interested in walking. He gets so excited though, that he doesn't get very far usually. He did take about eight steps at once yesterday though, so it won't be long. His teeth are coming in slowly, but surely. Right now, he's got two on bottom and four on top; one of the top ones is a one-year-molar though.  His curls are beautiful if the weather is not ultra-dry. I'll wait as long as I can to cut his hair.

He wants to do anything and everything that David does. We saw this very early when he wanted to eat "big people" food. He wants to climb on everything, and although (perhaps because) he has had a couple of minor spills, he is very, very careful.

He is a joy, and we are loving every minute of life with our little Samuel Crockett Griffin.