Friday, July 27, 2007

Heavy Heart

I wrote earlier this summer that my nine-year-old niece would be spending the summer with us. I was so excited. She is my oldest niece's oldest daughter and I absolutely adore her. She came in June and was only able to stay for two weeks because of some complications with DCF. As many children of her generation, she has a ridiculously crazy life--complete with mom's abusive ex who is the father of her youngest brothers and sisters.

She was coming back this month for three weeks before school started. That got shortened to two weeks, and my niece called yesterday and said that she had to come home today because of demands being made by this crazy man. He is not her father, but he is on her birth certificate for now, and he has some rights--in spite of the fact that he is physically and emotionally abusive to them all.

So I am sad. We took her halfway home and my sister and niece met us. My sweet girl was so sad. She didn't want to go home yet, and she certainly didn't want to go to "his" house. I was okay until we got home a little while ago, but now I can't seem to stop the tears.

The bottom line, though, is that God is just as much in control of Dee's life as He was this morning and yesterday and the day before that. He has a plan and a purpose, and His hand of protection on her has not changed. I am so grateful for His love and mercy because we, his children, can certainly make a mess of things. I will keep praying for continued protection and peace for Dee and her brothers and sisters. And I claim them in the name of Jesus.