Tuesday, June 30, 2009

David Update

David's speech is just amazing. To think that less than a year ago, he had only a handful of words in his vocabulary.... God told me in August of 2007 that David would talk when he had something to say. Well let me tell you that he has plenty to say these days. It's so interesting too, to listen to him try out new phrases that you know he must have heard somewhere. On the way to school yesterday, he just started saying, "Of course I am," with different inflections and volume. He had heard it somewhere and was trying it out.

I'm having a hard time with his hair. It has thickened up, but it is somewhat unruly. We went ahead and buzzed it for the summer, but that's not the most attractive look for him, so we'll have to figure out what to do next when it grows back out.

Last summer, we had no luck with him and swimming in that we couldn't get him to close his mouth when he was playing in the pool. He swallowed what seemed like gallons of water. He started out that way the first time we went swimming this year (in May). We had a friend give him a "swimming lesson" which amounted really to working with him on closing his mouth. It didn't feel like we made much progress, but several days later while at Mom's he got brave about stepping off into water over his head and going under. He would flounder around back to the pool steps and come out with no choking and sputtering. I'm so glad we've reached that milestone! We haven't been able to do our weekly outing at Janice's this year because she has had some pool problems, but we should be able to start those after the Fourth. We did go to Blue Springs last Friday, and after a pretty tentative start, the boys had a good time.

We went to Orange Beach while we were at Mom's last week and had a great visit with Cherry. She is so precious and loves my boys so much. God has blessed me in the sister department! While we were in Orange Beach we rode the "Perris Wheel" at the Wharf, and the boys loved it.

David is enjoying "school" very much, and we're trying to figure out how to let him go two days a week beginning in August. I need to pick up another cleaning day in order to do that; we'll see what God does there.

I guess that about catches us up on my eldest. He is a rascal, but I love him dearly.

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