Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sam Update

We are going through an unusual (to me) trial with Sam right now. He just cries for no apparent reason. I really believe it's teething, but Anbesol nor pain relief (Tylenol/Motrin) helps at all. He will walk across the floor, start crying and reach his arms out to you. If you reach toward him, he will lie down in the floor and scream. If you don't do anything, he will lie down in the floor and scream. If you pick him up, he arches his back and screams. It's not pretty. You can tell him he will go to bed if he doesn't stop crying, and he'll shake his head no that he doesn't want to go, but he won't stop crying but for about 15 seconds. If you go ahead and put him in the bed, he will scream (not cry) until you get him out. Twenty minutes is my record so far. (If it were a going-to-sleep issue, I know to let him cry it out, but that's not what this is, and we usually don't have any trouble getting him to go to bed either at nap-time or bed-time.) So, I'm praying a lot and just trying to muddle through. We did have a couple of days respite from this, but it started again today. The first round lasted about ten days, at the end of which he had two new molars, so it must be teething (three two-year molars down, one to go), but his not responding to pain medication or numbing medication puzzles me.

I cut off all of Sam's curls a couple of weeks ago. It was a tough decision because I loved them, but his dad was ready for a little boy haircut instead of a baby one. It looks like the curls are going to come back though, and I'm glad. I'll just keep it shorter than I had let it get before.

Sam wants to mimic anything and everything that David does. He wants to sit in David's chair at the dining table--which is part of the reason he mashed his finger so badly in May. He loves to play with David, and he's getting big enough that they roll around on the floor some. They have a great time playing with their Dad, and I love to listen too all the craziness when they get going.

I am so blessed with my five guys--husband, two sons, two cats! :)


Rebecca at the Well said...

I am so sorry that Sam is having such a hard time. :(

Curly said...

I'll keep Sam and you in my prayers.

Rebecca at the Well said...

I miss your blogging.