Tuesday, February 27, 2007


My niece (actually my grand-niece, my niece's daughter) might come stay with us this summer. I am thrilled. She'll be nine years old by that time, and she is my sweetheart. She wants to get a kitten while she's here, but I'm not sure how my monster feline would take to that. He kind of enjoys being an "only." Frankly, I was afraid he would be mad about Smiley Boy, but he took him right in stride, as if he'd been here all along.

His name is Tip-toe, and he's an enormous black cat with a white chin and white toes. He's pretty lazy for the most part, but he will occasionally bring me a bird or small rodent (usually alive), so I know he's getting some exercise. He has mellowed quite a bit as he's gotten older (he's 11). When I got him, I had two other cats, and he wasn't crazy about either of them. They have now gone to kitty heaven though, and he's in kitty heaven being here by himself. So, we'll just have to see about a new kitten. My sweet girl has never had one of her own, so there's a fair chance that I will give in.

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Curly Mommy said...

Hey Girl!
I love the blog. Nice pics.
Check out The Chronicles.