Saturday, February 24, 2007

Party Time

Well, the party is over, and I am glad! It was a lot of fun, very low-key. Mom decided to splurge on a birthday outfit from Cute and Sassy for Smiley Boy, and it was precious. He had fun I think. He crashed for about an hour and we actually had cake without him, but he didn't mind. The bakery made a special smash-cake just for him, but we haven't done it yet. Today was just too busy. I think we'll do it on his actual birthday next week.

One thing about our bakery--they did such an awesome job on the cake! I took them a napkin expecting them to just match the colors, and when we opened the box this morning, it matched the napkin exactly! It was amazing! It really made my day--sometimes it's the little things.... :)

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