Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Smiley Boy sat up for the first time on his own yesterday. I actually was looking right at him when he did it which was very cool. I figured I would just go in to get him up one morning, and he would be sitting up in his bed, but he actually did it when we were playing yesterday.

We have been pleased overall with his physical development. Debbie, the physical therapist, has been working with him once a week since September, and she is happy too. When she began working with him, he would hardly move his head from side to side to look at things. Now SB's dad and I attribute that to his being hooked up to the ventilator for so long and not being able to turn his head. Nevertheless, it was something he had to work on, and it didn't take long. Once again, I wish I had kept better records of what he has done and when, but at any rate, he has come a long way in just a few months.

We're getting ready for his birthday party this Saturday. I couldn't decide what to do for decorations. I wanted to enjoy not having to do a character while I could--this time next year, I'm sure he'll have an opinion about that. I did find some great ones that I think are very appropriate. :) I don't know if the picture is clear enough, but the decorations say, "The cake is on me!" We're having a cookout at the home of our good friends, and we just invited the whole church. They all have a stake in his being here and being so healthy, so how could we not? :) The weather is supposed to be nice; I'm looking forward to the party.

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