Thursday, October 4, 2007

Here We Go

I can't believe I'm down to one post a month. That's a shame because I really enjoy reviewing my thoughts. Maybe I'll do better....

Four months from today, our little bundle should arrive. I have to admit some apprehension that he may arrive early, but I continue to stand on what I know: Nothing touches me that doesn't first pass through the hands of my heavenly Father. I have asked Him for a full-term pregnancy--He knows it is the desire of my heart. The rest is up to Him. I continue to claim scripture regarding carrying a baby full-term, but I am aware that what is full-term to me may be different from what God has planned, and that's fine. He knows what's best for me and for this baby as well as for the rest of my family, and I TRUST HIM. Smiley Boy's whole life is a testimony to reasons I can trust Him now.

For now, every week is a victory as we approach the time-line when Smiley Boy was born. On Monday I will be 23 weeks. That is the week I began having preeclampsia symptoms with SB. So, here we go.......................... :)

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Curly said...

You guys are in our prayers. I appreciate you prayers too. Thanks so much!