Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Good News

Smiley Boy saw the pulmonologist for a follow-up visit on Tuesday. She was very pleased with his progress and said that we do not need to come back. God is so good!

We've had some trouble with the tube-site since we had the tube taken out three weeks ago. I hope it will close up on its own; in the meantime, it's driving SB to distraction. We have an appointment at Nemours in a few weeks. If it's not better by then, maybe they'll be able to help. I love the staff there. They are so helpful, and they NEVER treat me like I don't know what I'm doing--which is kind, since quite often, I don't. :)

SB has four teeth now and a fifth is trying to make an appearance. He is quite mobile but is not really motivated to walk yet. He can go around the room holding onto things, but he doesn't let go very often. I guess walking will be like rolling over and crawling were; when he sees a need for it, he'll do it.

He's had a little ear trouble, but we've been using drops recommended by Cheri at Sweet Hollow Farm, and they seem to really be making a difference.

All in all, life is good. We are looking forward to the arrival of my nine-year-old grand-niece, who will be spending the summer with us, and we will be moving back to "the country" this summer, so we've got lots going on.

Did I say life is good?

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