Friday, May 4, 2007


Well, I love my town. It's small, has lots of woods close by. I enjoy the flora and fauna, particularly this time of year. Or at least I did--until I walked into my kitchen this morning and confronted a possum!

We live on what is probably the second-busiest street in our little town, but that has not stopped a possum from giving birth under out house. We've been hearing odd bumps and knocks under there for several weeks, and our enormous feline has taken up residence inside during the day; usually at this time of year, under the house is his favorite spot.

The possum in the house was a baby, not much bigger than a rat (ick!), and he was very cute, but with a 14-month-old crawling around the house, I wanted him out!

Animal control from the city brought us a trap which we set, but the possum was too small to trip it. After two days, when I was out driving the bus for the softball team, Drason covered the trap with a cloth to give the possum a sense of security. Then when it went after the food in the trap, Drason heard him banging around inside and tripped the trap. BINGO!!!! The little critter now has a new home in the woods several miles away! MY HERO!

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