Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I guess in some parts of the country, robins herald the arrival of spring, but I see the greatest numbers of them here in January. Looking out my back door right now, there are hundreds in my trees and in the trees across the street. I love watching them dart back and forth. They're so close to me in the trees and bushes that I can see the white rings around their eyes. One thing I miss about not being out in the country is a wider variety of birds to watch. We plan to move farther out this summer though, and I will be glad to see more birds again.

Smiley Boy has had a much better day today--that new tooth really had him miserable yesterday. He had a good nap this morning though, and he's been sweet all day--I'm seeing more of my smiles again. He really tried to crawl yesterday with Ms. Debbie, but he's been pretty passive today. He's had a busy couple of weeks though. He just started rolling over both ways weekend before last, and now all of a sudden, he's pushing up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. That's the position I find him in every morning when I hear him awake and go in to get him, with a big smile on his face, of course. He is such a sweet little boy.

He's also making great strides in his eating. He's drinking four ounces at a time--up from two and a half just a week ago, and he's eating two jars of baby food a day. God is so faithful; I know I say that a lot, but He continues to show Himself mighty in our lives, and I am grateful!

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