Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I wish I had been keeping a record of some sort since Smiley Boy was born 11 months ago. I hope to go back through e-mail and, using a calendar, makes notes of the important events. I thought several times about keeping a diary, but I just never have done it. This is my attempt to start keeping up with it all. He got his first tooth today, so I thought it was a good place to start.

This whole idea is not to write only about him and that particular adventure, however. Life is an adventure, and as God carries us through it, I'll write about that journey too. To begin with though, I will probably reminisce a lot as I try to chronicle the first year of my Smiley Boy's life. We are approaching the one-year mark of when this all began, and I am amazed that so much time has gone by.

The last week in January, 2006, I was getting ready for FCAT Writing with my 8th graders and Smiley Boy's dad was taking pictures of me 22 weeks pregnant. It seemed silly at the time, but now they're the only pregnant pictures we have, so they're kind of fun. Little did we know what the month of February was to bring!

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